“This book is definitely a must-have for young emerging entrepreneurs and professionals who are attempting to navigate the intricacies of building a strong, sustainable and distinct brand. Each page had me hooked with the wealth of real-life scenarios, practical and applicable organizational tips, and invaluable business strategies and resources. Pauleanna and Andrew not only know how to keep it real, relatable and relevant when it comes to business, but they bring a fresh and influential voice to those on the same pursuit.”
Monah Water
Founder, Majestic Wisdom and Eloquent Expressions
``Mixed Emotions is a must read! Both authors did an amazing job at bringing their years of experience and knowledge together and alive in the pages of M.E, in addition to being vulnerable and sharing their challenges. This novel is not only informative, it is motivating, inspirational and so real. This is one of those books where you need to have a highlight near by because every page is filled with nothing but solid information on how to master your brand, business and your everyday challenges.``
Desiree Thomas
Founder of A Desired Journey
``Have you ever read a book about branding, marketing, or entrepreneurship and after finishing it, wondered 'but, how did you REALLY do it' ? Yeah, me too. Pauleanna and Andrew don't play that game here. They share real insider tips that will leave you with a generous resource list at the end. Your business will benefit for years to come from the gems shared in this book.``
Jem Jackson
MSW & host of I'm Still Standing documentary Series